Code Compliance

The Force 10 system has been tested rigorously by accredited testing authorities to comply with CSIRO (Australia), BRANZ (New Zealand), Architectural Testing Service (USA), Veritas (France) and other testing authories eg. QUT, UQ, University State North Carolina and others. The system has been tested for extreme weather conditions from cyclones, hurricanes, fire, high winds, earthquakes and also for pests such as termites.

We are constantly upgrading and improving our product to comply with new standards such as the BushFire Attack Level Flame Zone – the highest fire rating in Australia. As a result Force 10 is one of the most Fire Resistant building products available in Australia.

The engineering of the system has been checked by Structural Engineers in Australia, New Zealand, France, Japan, England, USA, Fiji and other countries in accordance with the Standard Building Codes of each country.

Over 3,500 houses built using the Force 10 system have withstood the fierce intensity of cyclones, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Time and time again Force 10 houses have resisted everything that mother nature has thrown at them, with some houses attacked up to five times by various cyclones or hurricanes. A Force 10 house has never ‘lost’ a roof anywhere in the world.

JAS-ANZ Quality Safety