When a customer lets you know that your product saved their life, it makes you proud to be associated with a company like Force 10 Global.

Force 10 stands up to Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu

Tina Anthony has been living in Vanuatu for seven years. She has been through a Tropical Cyclone before in Queensland, but nothing like the power and ferocity of Cyclone Pam. Cyclone Pam was Category 5 and had reported winds of up to 340 kilometres an hour during its peak – unfortunately it was also a slow moving cyclone with a low Pressure that reached 890 hpa never seen before in a Pacific Tropical Cyclone. She bought her two Force 10 Bungalows in 2012, one she lives in and the other is for friends and family wanting to holiday in Vanuatu. The Force 10 Bungalows were built back in 2004. Tina works at a Resort in Port Vila and is a volunteer Sports Coach for Strength Conditioning for athletes.

“We were watching updates and news on Cyclone Pam but it didn’t hit me that it was going to hit us until the Monday 9th March 2015. We kept hoping it would miss us but it didn’t. I had become very concerned like everyone in Vanuatu so I decided to further investigate my building plans for the house. This was my father’s idea who also phoned up Force 10 to find out more information and what the cyclone rating was. They reassured us, that it was probably one of the safest places to be during a cyclone. This advice also gave me confidence. I also had a local friend of mine that came to stay with me because I was living on my own. My friend’s family sadly lost their house.

By 4pm on Friday 13th March 2015 Cyclone Pam started to unleash her fury and you could feel it building up. By 6pm it became obvious we couldn’t leave the house with gales that were in a sense breathtaking but also eerie. We had no idea of what was about to hit. At approximately 9.30pm we had lost all power, water and communications, this was when it became real. We put mattresses on the walls in the bathroom and had one mattress ready to go on top of us.

Around 10.30pm that night Pam hit us at full force and did not start to subside until 4.30am Saturday 14 March. For 6 hours the Cyclone twisted and turned around us. The sound was deafening and my ears were popping because of the pressure. Each wind cycle would get louder and louder like a Screaming steam Engine and you felt like the whole house was going to lift up off the foundations. The house shuddered every time the wind cycles came through which was approximately every 20-30 secs for the next 6 hours. With no word of a lie, the large sliding glass door was bowing inward and at that point I really thought I was not going to make it through the night. It was terrifying.

Luckily my friend kept calm and he reassured me that the house and roof was OK. 80% of the houses around us lost their roofs or had structural damage including a brand new six-bedroom mansion behind us, the Holiday Inn next door and several other houses around me. All the big expat houses up on the hill had major damage to their roofs. There were trees, roofs and debris everywhere.

In the morning when we checked our Force 10 houses, there was no structural damage, the roof was still intact and there was no water that had leaked through any part of the ceiling. Sadly a lot of my friends had major damage or lost their houses altogether. I strongly believe the Force 10 house definitely saved my life: “it was my armour against Cyclone Pam”.

As our climate is changing all around the world and we are seeing more severe storms everywhere including Australia I would definitely look at any future buildings that I build to be Force 10 homes.
Tina Anthony, April 27, 2015135A5675