Faster Building & Construction Time | NZ & Aus Compliance

Our system reduces build time by up to 50% and is compliant with New Zealand and Australian building codes. It’s very flexible and allows for customisation to meet design & architectural requirements for a diverse range of projects including; commercial development, apartments, hotels, resorts, condominiums & residential homes. We supply builders, construction companies, building construction and building contractors.

The Force Ten building system is a steel framed building system which comprises modular floor, wall and roof trusses that are manufactured in the controlled conditions of our factory and transported flat to site and assembled quickly with a minimum of skilled labour.

For examples of the Force Ten building system in action please see our Commercial & Residential Galleries.

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Force Ten’s Features & Benefits

  1. Up to 50% off standard build time to lock up
  2. 100% NZ & AUS Building code compliant
  3. Customisable to meet design & architectural requirements
  4. Can be built by semi-skilled and skilled labour
  5. Easy and economical to transport as components are flat packed
  6. Clean and green with a Nather’s energy rating up to 9.5 stars
  7. Ideal for remote and difficult locations
  8. Little or no site wastage
  9. Fire resistant up to the highest level
  10. Healthy buildings with very low Volatile Organic Compound emissions